About LoveShowsUp

We are an online e-card gifting platform that donates all proceeds to our list of beneficiaries. We aim to lift others spirits by sending heartfelt thoughts, and at the same time uplift and strengthen communities.
LoveShowsUp is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation and has been approved to issue Section 18A certificates in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax. This means that if you, as a taxpayer, or your company, make a donation in cash or in kind (an e-card), this qualifies as a tax deductible expense.

LoveShowsUp e-card:

  1. Pick a card from our wide selection of e-cards to celebrate, congratulate or sympathise with those you care for.
  2. Select the charity you wish to donate to.
  3. Customise your LoveShowsUp e-card with your personal message.
  4. A minimum donation of R50 allows you to upload and send one selected LoveShowsUp e-card to up to ten contacts.
  5. Click send! We will notify the recipient that a donation was made in their name as part of of the e-card message and make sure it arrives in their mailbox on the right day.

All our proceeds go towards supporting carefully selected NPOs who serve the most vulnerable in their communities, ranging from children and youth, to homeless people and those with special needs.

Who we support:

Our LoveShowsUp friends making it possible

Board of Trustees

Herman Kocks

(Owner of
Bridge to Solutions)

Mia Nichol

Lawyer, marketing expert and mother

Rudi Swanepoel

(Pastor at NG Kerk Andrew Murray)



If you do not wish to send an e-card you can simply just donate to a charity of your choice.

Thank you for joining our community in making a difference.